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Earth & Stone Hardscape Construction is an estate development firm that is dedicated to producing quality projects that serve as equity building investments as well as lifestyle enhancements for discerning property owners. Earth & Stone works in an intimate environment with its clients to ensure that each project reflects their needs. At Earth & Stone we create outdoor environments that express, in every detail, the homeowner’s visual sensibilities, culture, taste and lifestyle. Every nuance--from the shadow cast by a tree to the sound of water moving through a stone stream bed -- is considered. Every visual and atmospheric detail is critical. When entering into a construction partnership with his clients, Michael elicits their ideas and dreams to extend their home into an exquisite outdoor living space. As in everything we do, the enduring quality of our masonry derives from experience, the best equipment, and a passion for perfection. Our projects are characterized by a persnickety attention to detail and an uncommon passion for excellence. We work directly with our clients to design a shared sense of purpose. Then we begin each project with very basic yet critical elements.

To achieve our standards of excellence, we put ourselves on the cutting edge of the industry, utilizing the most up to date technology for all of our projects; we do not cut corners and we only use the best materials available.To back this claim we provide a full lifetime guarantee on all of our products, and labor. We want our relationships with our customers to last as long as our stone creations and stand the test of time. As with our lifetime guarantee we are not satisfied until you are period.






Is the owner/operator of Earth & Stone LLC.  Michael started in the landscaping industry at the age of 14, in Williamsport, PA.  He quickly focused on the hardscape aspect of the industry and has dedicated his heart to the trade.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science, with majors in Geology and Sculpture from St Lawrence University, he created Earth & Stone Hardscape Construction in April of 2001.  Michael believes that to be successful you must be the best at what you do.  This thought is what helped him define his business plan, and create a very specialized trade niche.  Michael’s other key to success is hard work.  He demands hard work from himself and his crew all day, every day: “you cannot fail if you work your hardest”.

Michael has chosen to work with stone due to its permanence.  Earth and stone are the oldest building materials utilized to provide shelter and protection.  The pyramids in Egypt and the great castles of Europe are wonderful examples of the lasting nature of stone structures.  Michael takes pride in creating structures that will last for many generations.  Building with stone is the most permanent construction; outlasting rotting wood and rusting steel to leave behind a structure to be marveled at and utilized by generations to come. 

Is the Vice President of Sales for Earth & Stone.  Stacia graduated from The University of Pittsburgh in 2000 with a B.A. in Communication and minor in Rhetoric.  She began her sales career in Philadelphia selling telecommunications solutions to mid-large sized businesses.  In 2003, Stacia moved into the healthcare sector and sold pharmaceuticals in a Philadelphia territory.  During her time at this pharmaceutical company she won several regional and national sales awards for excellence. In 2006,Stacia joined the Earth & Stone team as Vice President of Sales.  Since she has joined the company, she has built several relationships with top builders and architects in the Cape Cod market.  


She is an active liaison between the customer, our staff and the field.  Her key to success is never to over promise and always over deliver.  Stacia offers a personal and hands on approach to the hardscape trade; and is a resource that is always available to current, present, and past customers. 

Michael and Stacia are supported by loyal TEAM who share a common goal. Our tenured artisans focus on pride of the trade, respect for our clients and each other and the dedication to be the BEST in the industry. We strive to set the bar high to ensure that Earth & Stone is the standard of excellence by which all others are measured.

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