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We have an edge over our competitors due to experience, continuing education, work ethic, quality control, and a focused area of expertise.  Earth & Stone is dedicated to creating stone structures that will last for generations.  To achieve this, we put ourselves on the cutting edge of the industry, utilizing the most up to date technology for all of our projects.  To back this claim we provide a full lifetime guarantee on all of our material and labor.  We can best serve customers that desire stonework because that is our specialty, what Earth & Stone was founded on, and stonework is our passion. Our narrow focus on the stone building trade is what makes us the best at what we do.  Earth & Stone starts with only the highest quality raw product, we continue with proper installation, and follow up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our goal everyday.  Earth & Stones’ success is related to your satisfaction, and our continued yearly growth proves that satisfaction is being achieved.  We take the extra steps to guarantee that your project exceeds all of your expectations.  


All of our jobs are inclusively priced which means you pay the upfront quoted price without “add-ons” or “extra-bills”.  This inclusive pricing always includes leaving your property in pristine condition with all disturbed lawn repaired or replaced.  Earth & Stone has grown extensively from word of mouth advertising.  Our continued success is a result of satisfied customers and suppliers, that have experienced our quality and customer service, whom enthusiastically recommend our service to others in the community.  Our commitment to your satisfaction is not just a statement, it is a guarantee.

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